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Hi everyone ,

If you are using unity in your team then you know that it is missing something, humm what is it ? what is it ? Ahhhh it’s the team working capabilities unlike TFS , SVN , GIT, unity doesn’t has a team project sharing features.

Using Github or another solution is good but it has it’s own limitation, since it’s outside unity , a little slow for big projects, cannot revert easily, if you want to upgrade the unity version it’s a pain in the ass, not included in the unity ecosystem ( you can use automatic build introduced in earlier versions), and not very complete. So let me introduce you to Unity Collaborate.

How to install it ?


You should have a unity account to store your project, since it’s on the cloud.

How do I set up my project ?


Unity documentation is clear on this subject no need to add more :D, just don’t forget to add your team members , they should all have a unity account and you can add them by their mail account address.

How does it works ?

To be clear here is the workflow :

[You work like a madman] => [You click on the publish button] => [ your team click on get last version] => [ They can see your work]


What we do if we work on the same asset ?

Unity knows how work on each file so it’s smart enough to figure out if there is a conflict , as you can see in the next picture it ask you if you want to keep your local version, the server version or if you want to merge  ? I advise you to use the merge just for script or text files since you can see and edit your script and see the difference unlike graphic assets.



I really recommend you to install it even if it’s in Beta version ( Time of writing this post ), we tried it and saw a really big improvement in the work flow and also how easy it’s to work with our team members .

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